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Kent O.  Hughes

Author of the fictional book series: 4th Sunday in the Dirty. 

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Kent O. Hughes’ Latest Releases

After reading just a few pages into "4th Sunday," I was hooked. Kent's story of the struggles of Beatrice
Harold riveted me. The story flows seamlessly from its racy beginning on through its comedy and
spookiness until the tale culminates in a message of revenge and reconciliation.

Mike Parker, a columnist for The Free Press Kinston N.C


Rated novel ‘Three Lies’ 4 out of 5 for its plot.

Readers Digest

Hey!! let me get your attention real quick for a sec please! if you would and like to read a good book that is a page turner, then this is the book to read and check out! You will get hooked to after the first few lines and wouldn’t want to put it down till you’re done! It’s a very catchy and easy to stay in toon with! Check out my Unk(insider) book! Very good writer and person! Go help support him! Thank you in advance!

Sonja Stein

Kent Hughes just finished the part 2. The last few pages I shed tears for Donnie and then I was angry with Maurice because he took the chicken way out. He just couldn’t let his brother be happy. These are very good books. I am now going to start pinch gut road. Love these. Need more. You tell a story like Dean Koontz. Love it.

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