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Kent O. Hughes is a native of Camden, North Carolina. He spent 10 years in the United States Army as an
infantryman. After being honorable discharged, Kent turns pastime/ passion of writing fiction novels into a
full-time venture. In August of 2021 author Kent Hughes decided to self-publish and in 1 years’ time he has
sold several thousand copies, which is a great accomplishment for a gifted unknown self-publishing author.
He currently lives in Raleigh North Carolina with his wife Tiffnii.

Kent O. Hughes

His experience with writing includes published works by Dr. Sherick Hughes, Professor of Sociology at UNC
CHAPEL HILL NC. He has attended ‘The Writers Conferences at the 2004 South Carolina Book Fair’,
appearances at colleges and Universities, libraries, bookstores, local news, and cable TV stations promoting his first self-published novels.

He enjoys telling stories that has a dark, surreal, southern, and avant-garde base, which he feels fits the
description of his three novels. At the same time, he wanted to write novels that gives a voice to the
solemn cries buried inside the children and adults in his fictional world.

4th SUNDAY, THREE LIES, and PINCH GUT ROAD, has proven to be a success for him. Each story
uniquely blends folk lore with a modern-day twist, leaving the reader hungry for more of his embryonic
and unforgettable plots and storytelling.

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