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1924 The Heart-Shaped Pendant

Mark Henry CSantos hated everyone, including himself. He really disliked the way things were changing in

Camden for the beer. His goal was to turn the town of Camden into the town of Mark Henry CSantos. The

mayhem he caused would only last if Caroline CSantos allows it.

Caroline was a sweet, submissive, housewife and mother. Yet, the mental and physical abuse that blanketed her

marriage reversed every moral !ber in her body and darkened her heart…for a day…in a moment…in #me…in


This is a story of Good versus Evil.

This is a story of Love versus Hate.

This is a story about Karma and Revenge.

This is a story about the spirit of humanity.

This is: 1924 The Heart- Shaped Pendant


1924 The Heart-Shaped Pendant

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